Welcome to my world!

I’m Barry Ahlsten, president of Palm House Productions. What do I do? I’m a writer, actor, entrepreneur, visionary, producer… I’m the creator of The Recipient, and I wrote the script.

As a producer, my passion is to bring ‘faith-friendly’ film to the next level.


I’ve been acting for many years, including a performance as the ‘underworld figure’ in the suspense drama, ‘Heart of The City’ (2009).

I wrote the book, ‘From Dad With Love’, a personalized devotional; check it out here: www.FromDadWithLove.com.

What does a visionary do? We imagine what could be. We ask questions like, ‘Is it possible to capture the imagination of a generation?’ (Walt Disney certainly did it)

My wife Julie is my partner on this journey. We do a video blog called ‘Julie and The Bear’ – you can find it on Youtube and Facebook.

What’s it like living with a visionary?

Julie and the Bear

Amusing banter between Barry and Julie… Fun, relationships, wisdom, God, movie updates and much more. With Julie… you just never know.